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Lifestyle Document Management, Inc.
My Inventory of Vital Records

Take a few moments and review the types of records and documents that you are presently maintaining that, if they fell into the wrong hands, could expose you and your company to serious financial and legal challenges.

Business Records
Credit Card Records
Income Tax Records
Computer Printouts
Inventory Records
Banking Records

Product Destruction
Product Overruns
Proprietary Property
Defective Production
Defective Product Returns

Media Destruction
Magnetic Tapes & Disks
Compact Disks
Plastic Credit & ID Cards
Microfilm & Microfiche
X-Rays, MRIs, Negatives
Printer/Typewriter Ribbons

Record Management
Storage of Critical Records
Retrieval of Records
Fireproof Storage
Courier File Delivery

Recycling Resources
Waste Paper Management
Corrugated Cardboard
News Print
Print Waste & Misprints
Year-End or Periodic Record
Cleanouts that require large containers and/or additional labor assistance

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Could you, your family or your business survive a loss of critical information? Click here to read how that could happen.

We are committed to providing the Peace of Mind that comes by having all of the sensitive and confidential records and information, for you or your company, either timely destroyed or stored for future reference and available for rapid retrieval, in our modern and technically advanced facility located in the heart of the Delmarva Region. We keep a complete record of the tracking and location of your records from pickup to destruction or security storage.

Lifestyle Document Management, Inc., Peace of mind in knowing your documents are handled with the highest security!

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