Data Destruction

Could you, your family or your business recover from a data breach?

Lifestyle Document Management, Inc. provides your business with the quickest and most secure way to destroy all of your confidential and sensitive documents. Such items include, but not are not limited to:

  • Paper Documents:
    • Payroll Records
    • Canceled Checks & Bank Statements
    • Personnel Information
    • Sales Reports
    • Financial Statements
    • Customer Lists
    • Computer Printouts
    • Invoices
    • Legal Documents
    • Medical Records
    • Tax Records
    • Marketing Plans
    • Engineering and Design Notes
    • Report Overruns, Etc.
    • Contracts
    • Account Records / Ledgers
    • Lottery Tickets
  • Obsolete Forms:
    • Blank Checks
    • Purchase Orders
    • Letterheads
    • Business Cards
    • Envelopes
    • Extra Photocopies, Etc.

Three Easy Steps to Peace of Mind

  • Step 1
    A Lifestyle Document Management, Inc. Guarded Driver — uniformed, bonded and fully insured — will pick up and securely transport your records to our facility in Georgetown, Delaware. If you prefer, you can witness the destruction of your own records at our plant.
  • Step 2
    As soon as your confidential information arrives at our facility, it is then thoroughly destroyed. The level of security Lifestyle Document Management, Inc. provides is unmatched in Delaware. Under recorded closed circuit television surveillance, all paper records are destroyed using the latest, state-of-the-art Shredding System, which can shred over 7 tons per hour. Then the materials are compacted into 6 foot bales and recycled into new paper products.
  • Step 3
    When we finish the destruction of your confidential information, we send you a notarized “Certificate of Destruction.” This verifies that all information received has been destroyed in a confidential manner.

Digital Data Destruction

Lifestyle Document Management, Inc. not only deals with the proper disposal of physical media, but digital as well. We are equipped with the means to wipe and destroy a wide range of physical media devices such as:

    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Tapes
    • Floppy Diskettes
    • Hard Drives
      • HDD
      • Solid State
    • USB Drive Devices
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