Document Shredding

Securely dispose of sensitive information

Don't keep confidential records around longer than necessary. Lifestyle Document Management, Inc is equipped to dispose of any physical or digital storage mediums quickly and securely.

Quick & Easy

Our state-of-the-art shredder can destroy over 7 tons of paper per hour and is capable of securely shredding any type of conventional physical media.

Secure Digital Shredding

Did you know? Files "deleted" from a hard drive are often able to be partially or fully recovered. We thoroughly shred hard disks and other digital media devices, making the data virtually unrecoverable.

Complete Transparency

Customers who prefer to do so can witness the destruction of their files in person as it's happening.

Verified & Notarized

When your files have been destroyed, you'll received a notarized certificate of destruction.

Archive Your Files Digitally

We can create digital archives of your files before shredding them. Learn more

Routine Service Available

If you need files continuously picked up and destroyed on a weekly or monthly basis, Lifestyle Document Management, Inc. offers pickup to clients in Delaware and some parts of Maryland.

You're In Good Hands

All employees follow a strict code of ethics and are regularly drug tested. In addition, we conform with i-SIGMA®'s guidelines for document storage. Learn more about i-SIGMA

We're ready when you are.

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